The Staff at Aqua Inferno Auto Spa understand paint protection like the back of their hands. One of the more interesting paint protection services provided by Aqua Inferno is the installation of a Clear Bra (paint protection film). Adding a Clear Bra by our expert team of installers is an excellent way to protect your car from every day scratches, rock chips, dirt and debris. Recent advancements in paint protection technology allow our team to apply a durable invisible layer of protection to your vehicle without compromising the glowing lines of your car. Clear Bra has self-healing properties ensuring your vehicle’s paint will not be subject to swirls and marring.

We offer a number of different Clear Bra packages to protect either your entire vehicle or select exposed areas which are easily damaged. All Aqua Inferno technicians are certified experts in the installation of Clear Bra packages. Every Clear Bra install is custom cut to perfectly fit your vehicle. A partial kit is a great it to start with which protects your bumper, headlights, and portions of your hood and side windows. A full kit will provide lasing durable protection to your entire car from the hood to the trunk. Aqua Inferno takes pride in using the highest quality materials, Xpel & Suntek. All installations of Xpel & Suntek materials include a 10-year warranty from cracking, peeling, fading or yellowing of the products. If you have thought about adding a paint protection film to your vehicle, look no further than the competent friendly staff at Aqua Inferno Auto Spa.